6.033 - Computer System Engineering Handout 15

Assignment 7: April 1 through April 8

For Lecture, Wednesday, April 1 (L 15: Authorization)

In preparation for this lecture, read the second section (pp 6-16 to 6-29) of "The protection of information in computer systems" by Saltzer and Schroeder (#25).

For Recitation, Thursday, April 2 (R 15: More security)

To prepare for recitation read Appendix 6.A from "The protection of information in computer systems" by Saltzer and Schroeder (pp 6-34 to 6-55).

For Lecture, Monday, April 6 (L 16: Certification)

The last lecture on security. No specific reading assignment for today, but you might want to get going on the reading and assignment for tomorrow.

For Recitation, Tuesday, April 7 (R 16: Safe-Tcl)

Each year we construct a handout on "Recent Issues Regarding Security and Privacy". This year's handout will be distributed in recitation on March 31. It contains three papers; the first is also available online.

Answer the question below for this week's assignment:

See the course secretary, Neena Lyall, in NE43-523 if you didn't get one.

For Lecture, Wednesday, April 8 (L 17: Fault Tolerance)

This lecture begins a new topic of fault-tolerant computing systems. In preparation, read "Chocolate" by Plauger (#27) and "Engineering: history and failure" by Petroski (#26). These two papers are very short, but provide you with some good insights.

System aphorism of the week

The unavoidable price of reliability is simplicity. (C.A.R. Hoare)

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