6.033 - Computer System Engineering Handout 29 - May 12, 1998

Solutions to Quiz 3 Practice Quizzes

Here are the solutions for the practice quizzes that were handed out last week. These are the answers that were considered appropriate when the quizzes were originally given (1997, 1996, 1995, and 1994).

Quiz 3 will be in Walker and 34-101 during normal class hours, 2 to 3 PM, on Wednesday, May 13. You should go to:

Since this is a normal class hour, you shouldn't have a class conflict; but if for some reason you do, e-mail kaashoek@mit.edu as soon as possible.

Quiz 3 covers all the material from Lecture 17 (April 8) through Recitation 24 ( May 7). The topics covered include fault tolerance and performance. (You may want to refer to the 6.033-At-A-Glance handout for a high-level topic review, or look over the lecture notes.) Of course, since the class is all about systems, there may be some interaction with previous topics, seeing as this material builds on topics studied earlier. Just as before, the quiz is open book and open notes.