6.033 - Computer System Engineering Handout 32 - May 14, 1998

Solutions to Quiz 3

Here are the solutions for quiz 3. For questions asking for a best answer, we gave no partial credit. For questions {8, 9, 10, 13, 14}, we deducted 3 points for each incorrect mark. For questions {4, 11}, we deducted 2 points for each incorrect mark. An incorrect mark is a circle when there should not be one or missing circle when there should be one.

You can obtain your final grade for 6.033 from the course secretary, Neena Lyall, starting Wednesday, May 20, after 2pm. To protect privacy, you will need to go in person to NE43-523 with some form of identification to get your grade. We won't distribute any grades by phone, email, friends, etc. Note that Anne Hunter does *not* have these grades -- please do not call her on this issue.

Have a great summer! But don't stop now. You can still take many interesting courses.

# Topic Answer(s)
2 N-version programming A
3 Shadow pages A
4 Coda C and D
5 Log-structured file system A
6 Question removed from exam No penalty
7 Removing lines from recovery B
8 Commit D
9 Write B and C
10 Abort A, C, and D
11 Buffer cache performance A,B,C, and D
12 Reasons for recovery failure C
13 Concurrent transactions D
14 Swapped lines in commit B,C, and D
15 Dertouzos lecture 4

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