6.033: Computer System Engineering - Spring 1998


Lab Handouts

Note: Non-lab related handouts can be found on the 6.033 handouts page.

Most of the handouts are available in HTML, and can be viewed by clicking on the handout's title. For other formats, check the "Formats Available" column. Hardcopy-only handouts can be obtained from the course secretary in NE43-523.

To quickly print out a copy of a handout from Athena without having to use a web browser, go to /mit/6.033/handouts and print the desired handout using lpr (e.g., lpr filename.ps).

# Date Issued Last Updated Title Formats Available
1 02/13/98   Administrivia HTML, PostScript
2 02/13/98   Tools of the Trade HTML, PostScript
3 02/13/98   TCP Proxy Server HTML, PostScript
4 02/19/98   Using TCP through Sockets PostScript
5 02/25/98 02/26/98 A Web Proxy HTML, PostScript
6 04/03/98   Recommended File System Reading (cover sheet) PostScript
7 04/03/98   The Simple File System (Lab 3) PostScript


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