6.033: Computer System 

6.033: Computer System Engineering - Spring 2002


The 6.033 discuss meeting can be used by both students and staff to post questions and answers about 6.033 and topics covered in 6.033. It can also be used to post articles (or pointers to articles) of general interest to people in 6.033. Additionally, since the meeting has been around for several years, you can browse through some of the old transactions to find interesting and relevant material.

The easiest way to use discuss is through the MIT Discuss Web Gateway. You will need an MIT Personal Certificate to access this read/write site.

If you do not have an MIT Certificate, you can access the message board in read-only mode.

If you prefer to use Athena, you can use the dicucss command to access the service.

athena% discuss
Then at the discuss prompt type the following:
discuss: am nemesis.mit.edu:/usr/spool/discuss/6.033
discuss: go 6.033
You can then type "?" for a list of possible commands. The official discuss meeting information is as follows: There is also a Macintosh discuss client available.
site:  nemesis.mit.edu:/usr/spool/discuss/6.033
long name:  6.033 discussion
short name: 6.033


Questions or comments regarding 6.033? Send e-mail to the TAs at 6.033-tas@mit.edu.
Questions or comments about this web page? Send e-mail to 6.033-webmaster@mit.edu.

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