6.033: Computer System Engineering - Spring 2004

Design Project 1 Proposal Grading Notes: updated $Date: 2004/03/11 23:20:00 $

Your design project should address the following issues (as well as others). Some features of the operating system that were not entirely clear: Finally, some comments on format:

Your grade on the DP1 Proposal is not a contract! Your grade on DP1 is independent of your grade on the proposal. It is entirely possible for you to get an A on the proposal, and to receive a C on the DP1 assignment itself. Alternatively, it is possible for you to get a C on the proposal, seriously consider our comments, address our concerns, and then get an A on the DP1 assignment itself. (We hope that you do!) However, even if you address all our comments on your proposal, you aren't guaranteed an A on the final report; you must take an active role in flushing out flaws in your design.