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6.033: Computer System Engineering - Spring 2004

Errata, 6.033 class notes

Here are corrections for some typographical errors and other minor problems in the currently distributed chapters of the 6.033 notes, release 1.18. Most of these errors have been reported by industrious readers. (Many thanks!) If you find others, please send an e-mail message describing them to: Saltzer and kaashoek

Posted 18 February 2004:

Chapter 2, page 2-67, 4th paragraph:

change "the the producer" to "the producer"

Posted 22 February 2004:

Chapter 2, page 2-13, 3th paragraph:

change "durable" to "durably"

Posted March 1 2004:

Chapter 2, page 2-14, 1st full paragraph:

Insert "signal" in "Devices use the control wires to SIGNAL start and completion of a message."

Chapter 2, page 2-15, 1st full paragraph:

The DMA interpreter sends the block of data in one or MORE messages to the destination device. The DMA intrepreter may need more than one MESSAGE..."

Chapter 2, page 2-16, 3rd full paragraph:

The word 'read' in "...will proceed where the last read call left off," should be in small caps.

Posted 19 April 2004:

Many chapter 2 typos

Posted 28 March 2004:

Chapter 5, page 5-53, first paragraph.

Change "Adding this default context can be done by some..." to "Some..."

Chapter 5, page 5-53, figure 5-13:

In the table in the name server for edu in the upper right corner, change 127 to 128.
In response 2, change 127 to 128.

Chapter 5, page 5-54, numbered item 1.

In the parentheses, change "thyme" to "anise" and change "ginger" to "thyme".

Chapter 5, page 5-55, subsection 2, second paragraph.

Change "M. I, T." to "M. I. T."

Chapter 5, page 5-57, subsection 4, first paragraph.

In the fifth line from the end, change "a a" to "a"

Posted 31 March 2004:

Chapter 6, section B. This section has been completely replaced by an updated version. Be sure that you have picked up the update to version 1.19 of the notes.

Posted 5 April 2004:

Chapter 6, page 6-27.

About ten lines down from the top of the page, delete the entire paragraph that begins "In the insecure area..." and ends "...from the ciphertext."

Posted 8 April 2004:

Chapter 4, page 4-24

In the first paragraph of subsection 3, replace "standard deviation" with "variance" in lines 5 and 6. In the equation in line 9, draw a square root sign over the number 5, change the equal sign to "approximately equals" and change 15 to 7. At the end of that sentence, change "20 packets" to "12 packets".

Posted 20 April 2004:

Chapter 6, page 6-50, C.7

"using an all-zero initialization vector" -> "using the key k as the initialization vector"

Posted 8 and 9 May 2004:

Chapter 8, section C.

The text incorrectly identifies the OUTCOME record as a STATUS record in about a dozen places, and it similarly incorrectly identifies the BEGIN record as a START record in half a dozen places. Consider STATUS to be a synonym for OUTCOME and START to be a synonym for BEGIN.

Chapter 8, section D, figure 8-27 (page 8-58).

In line 10, the "does-not-equal" sign should be an "equals" sign, so that the line ends with
...last_modifier = COMMITTED)

Chapter 9, section D, figure 9-3 (page 9-28).

Change the four calls to the non-existent procedure MODTIME() to MODIFICATION_TIME().