Spring 2013

Responses to Anonymous Feedback

Please try to end lecture on time. I have another class in building 1 immediately after lecture that I have to run through the basement to to avoid being late.

Sorry about that. It is our intention to stop before 2:55, but the demos took a bit longer than anticipated.

Why is the information on the site in such disarray? I can't find any information when I need it. Lots of useful stuff is in FAQ. I think it needs better system design! Just my $0.02, no offense meant.

To add detail to my gripe (last feedback), it takes far too many clicks to find the exact time an assignment is due. Try to find the due date for DP1 Proposal (hint clicking on submissions is a waste of a click). Perhaps, adding due date information to the submissions page would be helpful? I have other qualms though...

Sorry to hear that you find the site disorganized. We recommend you make the schedule page with all the assignments your default 6.033 page. From the schedule page most things are 1 click a way. For example, you can find the due date for the DP1 proposal in one 1 click from the schedule page.

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