Spring 2015


May 14, 2015: Quiz 2

Quiz 2 is Thursday, 5/21, at 1:30pm in the Johnson Ice Rink. More relevant information is on the Quiz 2 FAQ page.

May 6, 2016: End-of-term Evaluations

End-of-term evaluations are now available. Please fill out the evaluation for 6.033! We read all feedback and use it to improve the course.

Apr 24, 2015: DP Report

The DP Report assignment is now live. Like the proposal, it includes both a team document (the report) and an individual cover memo. The report is due May 8th, 2015, at 5:00pm.

Apr 7, 2015: DP Presentations

The DP Presentation assignment is now live. Your recitation instructor will contact you with details about how to schedule your presentation.

Mar 31, 2015: Updated DP Requirements

As mentioned in the design project write-up, new requirements emerge in real-world systems all the time. Simple, modular designs can typically accommodate these changes.

To that end, we have added two additional requirements to the design project. See the write-up (and errata) for details.

Mar 31, 2015: Quiz 1

Quiz 1 is this Friday, 4/3, at 2pm. The quiz location depends on your last name; see the schedule for details. If you cannot make the quiz at 2pm due to a class conflict — and note that there is no tutorial on Friday, so "6.033 tutorial" is not a valid class conflict — we will hold a make-up at 1pm in 50-340. Please email Katrina if you need to take the make-up.

More relevant information is on the Quiz 1 FAQ page.

Mar 17, 2015: Quiz 1 Practice

As Quiz 1 approaches, we want to make sure everyone knows that there are practice quizzes online to help you study.

Mar 6, 2015: Design Project Errata

Just like in the real-world, the design project is underspecificed. From time to time we will update the design document to add clarifications. We've just posted the first update, and will announce any further updates on Piazza.

Feb 27, 2015: Design Project

We've posted this semester's design project. The project includes three deliverables: a proposal, an oral presentation, and a report. The proposal is due first, and you can find specific proposal guidelines here.

Feb 9, 2015: Snow

Due to the spectacular amount of snow we've been having, we've adjusted the schedule for 6.033, as well as the due dates of some upcoming assignments. Please check the schedule for more information, and Piazza for any further updates.

Feb 5, 2015: Important: Recitation and Tutorial Assignment

Recitation and tutorial assignment are now available online. Please check your assignment and email 6.033-tas ASAP if you have a schedule conflict.

Jan 29, 2015: First Day of Class

6.033 begins on Tuesday February 3rd with a recitation. Please look up your recitation section here (if you were assigned a section by the registrar, that page should reflect the same assignment). Please consult this list to see where your section is taking place.

Please input your recitation and tutorial preferences for the rest of the semester. Please input your information by 5:00pm on Wednesday February 4th. By 10:00pm on Wednesday February 4th (or sooner), we will assign a binding list of recitation assignments for the rest of the term, and post them to this page. This assignment will also tell you where to go for your first writing tutorial on Friday, February 6th.

Jan 20, 2015: Discussion, questions, feedback

6.033 uses Piazza for online discussions and questions. Please join the 6.033 class on Piazza. You will be able to ask questions, discuss problems, and provide feedback. To provide anonymous feedback to the staff, see this page.

Jan 7, 2015: Textbook

6.033 will be using Saltzer and Kaashoek's Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction (Morgan Kaufmann 2009), which you can find at the MIT COOP. The text supplements the lectures and recitations; it should be your first resource when you are confused by a lecture topic, or want more information.

Questions or comments regarding 6.033? Send e-mail to the 6.033 staff at .

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