Spring 2015

Preparation for Quiz 1

Quiz 1 will last 50 minutes. The quiz will cover all the material up to and including Recitation 13 (DCTCP). The quiz will be "open book." That means you can bring along any printed or written materials that you think might be useful. Calculators are allowed, though typically not necessary. You may also bring a laptop to view, e.g., PDF versions of papers and notes, but you may not connect to any network---make sure you upload your papers to your laptop before the quiz. The quiz will focus on material in the papers, and concepts of computer systems covered in the notes, lecture, and hands-ons. The quiz will be mostly multiple choice.

This year we have only 2 quizzes (this one and the one in finals week), instead of 3.

Old quiz 1s:

Old quiz 2s:

Because this year's quiz 1 cover's networking, which used to be a topic of quiz 2, here are three additional old quiz 2s.

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