There is no paper assigned for this recitation. Instead, your reading comes in two parts:

  1. You've seen secure channels and encryption in lecture already. There are many popular applications that provide one or both of these things. Pick one of the following and read some of the linked documentation:

    As you read the documentation, think about what security guarantees the app provides. Are there threat models against which it is not secure?

  2. Another popular application is Privacy Badger, which blocks certain types of tracking; by tracking, we mean keeping some data about you to learn information about your behavior over time. In the context of Privacy Badger, that behavior is what websites you visit and what you do at those websites. Browse Privacy Badger's FAQ to learn more about how it works.

Now think about tracking in the context of secure channels, encryption, Tor, and the other security solutions you've seen in 6.033. Are there times when those solutions could prevent certain types of tracking? Are there times when they couldn't prevent tracking, or couldn't be used at all for some other reason?

Since this is the last week of classes, there is no question due for recitation, but we do expect you to attend and participate in recitation.