Read Understanding the Mirai Botnet by Antonakakis, et al. The Mirai botnet is primarily made up of small IoT devices that can't typically generate a great deal of traffic. It was successful in part of the sheer number of devices involved, and the fact that it leveraged application-layer and state exhaustion attacks more than previous bots had; those attacks tend to exhaust computation and memory/storage resources on the server moreso than bandwidth into the server. You'll learn more about these attacks in the lecture preceding this recitation.

As you read, think about

Question for Recitation

Before you come to this recitation, you'll turn in a brief answer to the following questions (really—we don't need more than a sentence or so for each question). Your TA will be in touch about exactly how to turn that in.

Your answers to these questions should be in your own words, not direct quotations from the paper.

As always, there are multiple correct answers for each of these questions.


Supplemental notes for this recitation. These, along with our Sunday office hours are intended to help students who had to miss a recitation due to isolation, but they're also a useful resource for preparing for exams.