Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory

Prereq.: 6.002, 6.08, or 16.004
Units: 3-7-2

Introduces digital systems with lectures and labs on digital logic, flipflops, PALs, counters, timing, synchronization, and finite-state machines. Includes overview of accelerometers, gyros, time of light and other modern sensors. Prepare students for the design and implementation of a final project of their choice: games, music, digital filters, wireless communications, video or graphics. Extensive use of Verilog for describing and implementating digital logic designs.

12 Engineering Design Points.

Course Objectives

On completion of 6.111 students will have the skills and confidence to conceive and implement a complex digital system.

More broadly, they will be ready to handle substantial and challenging design problems. In particular, students will be able to:

Course Outcomes

After taking 6.111 a student will be able to