6.111 Final Projects Fall 2018

6.111 Final Projects Checkoff/Video Taping Fall 2018

No. Team members Project Checkoff
Mon 12/10
Tue 12/11
1 Megan Yamoah
Francisca Vasconcelos
FPGA Qubit Package (Room 13-2101) 13:30-14:00 --
8 Jacob Brown
Isabelle Liu
Digital Supersaw Synthesizer
16:00-16:15 16:00-16:10
2 Katherine Camenzind
Alexander Huang
Xavier Zapien
Robotic Air Hockey
16:15-16:30 16:10-16:20
3 Magson Gao
Shreeyam Kacker
Verilog Sudoku Solver
16:30-16:45 16:20-16:40
4 Suzanne O'Meara
Elijah Stanger-Jones
August Trollback
Check Yourself
16:45-17:00 16:40-16:50
5 Ashley Hyo Won Kim
Mark Theng
Encrypted Communications over Ethernet
17:00-17:15 17:00-17:10
6 Carlos Cuevas
Cody Winkleblack
Laser Cyclops
17:15-17:30 17:10-17:20
7 Sebastian Bartlett
Joshua Noel
Hardware Neural Net Entertainment System (HNES)
17:30-17:45 17:20-17:30
26 Phoebe Piercy
Elina Sendonaris
The Music Box
17:45-18:00 17:30-17:40
9 Noah Moroze
Luis Torres
Spherical Persistence of Vision Display
18:00-18:15 17:40-17:50
17 Nadia Salahuddin
Lydia Sun
FPGA Fruit Ninja
18:15-18:30 18:00-18:10
11 Alexis Camacho
Chenkai Mao
Interactive Minecraft
18:30-18:45 18:10-18:20
12 Jonathan Buschel
James Lovejoy
Bitcoin Script Validation Accelerator
18:45-19:00 18:20-18:30
13 Sabina Chen
Bret Heaslet
David Mueller
19:00-19:15 18:30-18:40
14 Keshav Gupta
Francis Wang
Auditory Localization
19:15-19:30 18:40-18:50
15 Samuel Cherna
Joshua Gruenstein
Matthew Reeve
Audio Laser Light Show
19:30-19:45 19:00-19:10
16 Joanna Sands
Margaret Sands
Scream-y Bird
19:45-20:00 19:10-19:20

10 Kaname Favier
Cameron Ordone
Adam Rodriguez
FPGA 6-DOF Motion Platform
20:00-20:15 19:20-19:30
18 Bradley Jomard
Quinn Magendanz
Basic Processor
19 Dominik Martinez
Alexander Peraire-Bueno
Self Balancing Voice Controlled Robot
20:30-20:45 19:40-19:50
20 Jessica Quaye
Premila Rowles
FPGA Camera-Controlled Traffic Lights
20:45-21:00 20:00-20:10
21 Olivia Brode-Roger Digi-GOES
21:00-21:10 20:10-20:20
22 James Bloxham
Matthew Tung
MAMBO - Multiplayer Arrow Matching Ballroom Orchestrator
21:10-21:25 20:20-20:30
23 Jeremy Sogo FPGA Tuner
21:25:-21:40 20:30-20:40
24 Raul Largaespada
David Mejorado
Audio Controlled Levitator
21:40-21:55 20:40-20:50
25 Jenny Li
Shana Mathew
Gesture Controlled Music Playback System
21:55-22:10 21:00-21:10
27 Sarah Pohorecky FPGA Synthesizer
22:10-22:20 21:10-21:20

The presentations will be held at your lab bench and should take about 10-15 minutes. We'll go over your checkoff milestones and each team member will have a chance to describe and demonstrate their portion of the project. With your permission, we'd like to shoot a couple minutes of video the next day to showcase you and your project on the course website.

Please be sure to be on time (eg, by arriving 5 minutes early!). In order to be fair to everyone, we'll be running a tight ship schedule- wise, so please help us keep to the schedule. You may switch times with other teams if mutually agreeable.

Design Presentation Schedule (11/1)

Tuesday, 11/06, 2:30 - 5:00 32-141

Thursday, 11/8, 2:30 - 4:00, 32-141

Tuesday, 11/13, 2:30 - 4:00, 32-141

Design Presentation Guidelines

Your project team is required to make a presentation to the class reviewing the project and its proposed implementation. Three person team will be allocated 12 minutes for the presentation followed by a 2 minute QA. Two person teams will be allocated 8 minutes with a 2 minute QA. Single person team will have 5 minutes with a 2 minute QA. In fairness to the presentors, the time limit will enforced. The presentation should be 6-12 slides that include an overview, a block diagram, discussion of the major modules identifying the tricky bits or implementation insights, and a simple timeline showing what you expect to have working when. Each team member should give part of the presentation.

You're welcome to use whatever tool you'd like to create the presentation: HTML with figures, Powerpoint, PDF, etc. Please format the material so that it can be projected properly, i.e., it should be in landscape format. Your presentation should be loaded on a flash drive for projection on my laptop. This saves times and avoids incompatibility issues with the projector.

We have a lot of presentations, so please plan to start and end at the appointed times. Practice your presentation to ensure that it will fit into your time slot.

Please upload a PDF of your presentation slides so that they can be posted on the course website.