Compiling Verilog and Simulation

For 6.111, we use ISE and Vivado, the two FPGA design environments. It might beneficial to download those. They do take up 20GB+ of space but that shouldn't be a problem. The are supported on Windows and Linux. For MACs you will need to use VMware and create a Windows enviroment with at least 4GB memory.

ISE and Modelsim will run on any Athena machine. The executables are stored on a server. Vivado executables are stored on the local machines in the 6.111 lab so they run only on lab machines. The best solutions is to use ISE and Vivado locally - either in lab or on your laptop.

There are online Verilog emulators:

The above is a fast and quick way to do Lpsets remotely. Don't rely on these toos for final projects.

Joe Steinmeyer 9/2018