6.111 Fall 2005

Week of Mon Wed Fri
Sep 05 Labor Day L01: The digital abstraction, static discipline L02: Combinational logic gates, logic families
Sep 12 L03: Canonical logic representations, simplification and synthesis. L04: Verilog hardware description language L05: Sequential building blocks, state and feedback, latches, registers
Sep 19 Student Holiday L06: Finite state machines, metastability and synchronization Lab 1 checkoff by 5pm
Sep 26 L07: FSM example using FPGA and lab kit L08: CI-M requirements. Memories L09: System integration issues
Oct 03 L10: Reconfigurable logic L11: Project Kickoff Lab 2 checkoff by 5pm
Oct 10 Columbus Day L12: Arithmetic circuits: adders, carry lookahead
Lab 2 report due (in class)
L13: Arithmetic circuits: multipliers, behavioral transformations
Oct 17 L14: Analog building blocks L15: Case study: Video circuits Lab 3 checkoff by 5pm
Oct 24 L16: Power dissipation, reversible logic, quantum computing
Project Teams due
L17: Case study: Architecture to Verilog, an extended example.
Last lecture.
Lab 4 checkoff by 5pm
Oct 31
Project Abstract due
Lab 2 Revised Report by 5pm
Evening Quiz
7:30 - 9:30, 34-101

Project Proposal Conf. w/ TA
Nov 07    
Project Block Diagram Conf. w/ TA
Nov 14 Project Design Presentations
(M, Tu, W)
Project Checklist Conf. w/ TA
Nov 21     Thanksgiving
Nov 28      
Dec 05      
Dec 12 Project Demos and videotaping
(Mon & Tue)
Project Demos and videotaping
Project Report by 5pm

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