6.111 Fall 2008


Week of Tue Thu
Sep 01 Registration Day L01: Course overview. Digital abstraction, static discipline, logic families
Sep 08 L02: Combinational logic, canonical representations, simplification and synthesis L03: Verilog hardware description languge. FPGA architectures
Lab #1 checkoff
Sep 15 L04: Sequential building blocks, state and feedback, registers L05: Finite state machines, Verilog implementation examples
Lab #2 checkoff
Sep 22 L06: CI-M requirements. Clocking, synchronization and metastability L07: Memories: on-chip, SRAM, DRAM, Flash
Sep 29 L08: Number representations, adders, improving latency L09: Multipliers, behavioral transformations
Lab #3 checkoff
Oct 06 L10: Analog building blocks (opamps, DACs, ADCs), sampling, reconstruction, filtering.
Lab #3 report due
L11: Project kickoff
Oct 13 L12: Case study: video circuits "Lecture Holiday" (no lecture)
come work on Lab #4!
Lab #4 checkoff
Oct 20 L13: Datapaths and control logic, microsequencers, programmable components
Project Teams due
L14: Case study: communication links
Lab #5 checkoff
Oct 27 Project Abstract due Writing workshop (attendance required)
Project Proposal Meeting before 10/31 @ 5pm
Nov 03 Project Block Diagram Meeting before 11/7 @ 5pm
Lab #3 Revised Report due 11/7 @ 5pm
Nov 10 Project Design Presentations (Wed, Thu)
Project Checklist due 11/14 @ 5p
Nov 17  
Nov 24   Thanksgiving
Dec 01  
Dec 08 Project Demos and videotaping (Mon, Tue, Wed)
Project Report due 12/10 @ 5pm

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