PPM2COE Converter v1.0
Author: Kale McNaney and the iGamePlay Team
Description: The PPM to COE Converter converts a Portable Pixel Map file to a .COE File. COE files are used to initialize RAMs and ROMs using the Xilinx ISE 6 Core Generator.
System Requirements: The PPM2COE.exe requires a MS Windows environment with the .NET redistributable framework version 1.1 or higher which can be found here.
How to use: Start PPM2COE.exe. Use the file select dialog (browse) to choose a .PPM file you wish to convert. Enter a name for the .COE file you wish to generate (DO NOT have to type the .COE extension). Click 'Create COE'. The file name specified in the second text box will be generated in the same directory as the input .PPM file. The file will be generated in radix 16 or hexadecimal.
Download: To download PPM2COE.exe click here.