MIT 6.111 (Spring 2006):
Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory

Course Description: Lectures and labs on digital logic, sequential building blocks, finite-state machines, timing and synchronization, and FPGA-based design prepare students for the design and implementation of a final project of their choice: games, music, digital filters, wireless communications, video, or graphics. Extensive use of Verilog for describing and implementing digital logic designs on a state-of-the-art FPGA. Students engage in extensive written and oral communication exercises. 12 Engineering Design Points. Prereq: 6.002 or 6.071 Units: 3-7-2

Lecture: MWF1 (34-101), Recitations: F1 (R1: 36-144, R2: 34-304, R3: 36-155); Either lecture or recitations will be held on Fridays at 1PM
Lecturer: Anantha Chandrakasan (, ph: 8-7619, office hours in 38-107, M:2-3PM and W: 11-12AM or by appointment)
TAs: Javier Castro (, Theodoros Konstantakopoulos (, Kyeong-Jae Lee ( -- ph: 3-7350, 38-684
LAs: Christopher Falling (, Amir Hirsch (, James J. Wnorowski (, Yun Wu (

Recitation Assignments  (requires MIT CA certificate)
Schedules of Lecturer, Teaching Assistants, and Lab Aides


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Final Projects (Including Final Project Videos!)

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Stressed out? - call Nightline (3-8800) or the Dean on-call (3-1212)
6.111 Hotline Send electronic mail to
Technical Instructor: Gim P. Hom (38-644, 4-3373, gim@MIT.EDU)
EMERGENCY - DIAL 100 Emergency and Service numbers

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