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Lab Equipment

Useful Tools: Schematics

  • ExpressSCH and ExpressPCB 7.0.2 for XP/2000/NT/Vista/7 - Schematic drawing and circuit layout software (9.72 MB)
  • ExpressSCH Custom Components for 6.115 - In WinXP, unzip this file to
    • C:\Program Files\ExpressPCB\SchComponents_Custom
    Location may vary in other operating systems. Some other places to try are:
    • C:\Program Files\ExpressPCB\SchComponents_Library
    • C:\Users\your_username\Documents\ExpressPCB\SchComponents_Custom
  • The powerful Eagle schematic and layout software has a free version available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • XCircuit - Schematic drawing tools available on Athena (add xcircuit; xcircuit filename.ps &). It produces PostScript output files.
  • Circuit_macros - A non-wysiwyg way to draw circuits.

Useful Tools: Editors

  • Programmer's Notepad 2 v0.6.1 - Text editor that can be used for 8051 assembly and PIC C code. Students have found this useful in the past, but we don't offer any support or guarantees, so "use at your own risk".

Peeping ROM Camera

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