6.241 Dynamic Systems and Control (Fall 2009): General Information

Course Description

This course introduces basic concepts associated with the the "robustness analysis" approach to dynamical systems engineering, applicable to linear and nonlinear models. Topics include:

Prerequisites for this course are

Information resources and literature

Lecture handouts and the text by Mohammed Dahleh, Munzer Dahleh, and George Verghese "Lectures on Dynamic Systems and Control" (a textbook-in-the-making posted on the Web chapter-wise).


Megretski, Alexandre (Alex) (Lecturer):
Room 32-D730, Ext. 3-9828, email ameg@mit.edu

Katsargyri, Georgia-Evangelia (Teaching Assistant):
Room 32-D758, Ext. 3-2832, email gkats@mit.edu

Gaumond, Lisa (Course Secretary):
Room 32-D733, Ext. 3-2184, email lisaga@mit.edu

Web page

The URL for the 6.241 home page is


The home page will contain draft textbook, additional lecture handouts, homework assignments, important announcements, 6.241 questions and answers collection, errata, and other frequently updated information.

Class schedule

Lectures occur on Monday and Wednesday, 11am-12.30 pm, Room 4-231. Recitations will be held on Fridays, 2-3pm, Room 26-314.


Homework assignments will be posted on the class Web site on Wednesdays, due in class in one week (with few exceptions when the due time will be postponed because of tests or holidays). The homework will be corrected, graded, and returned as soon as possible. Solutions to the homework will be posted on the Web when the corrected homework is returned.

Team work on home assignments is strictly encouraged, as far as generating ideas and arriving at the best possible solution is concerned. However, you have to write your own comments and (if necessary for numerical calculations) your own MATLAB code.


Some of the homework assignments will require the use of MATLAB, available with most of its toolboxes on Athena computers.


There will be two midterm exams (7.30-9.30pm on October 14 and November 18) and a final exam (exact time to be announced later). There will be no lectures on the days when midterm exams are given.


The letter grade will be determined at the end of the semester from a numerical grade N, obtained from the formula


where H is the average homework grade, Q1,Q2 are the midterm grades, and F is the final exam grade (H,Q1,Q2,F are numbers between 0 and 100). As a rule, a numerical grade above 80 means an "A", 75 to 80 means "A-", 70 to 75 means "B+", etc. For students near the boundaries, other factors may be taken into account to determine the letter grade, such as effort, classroom activity, etc.