6.962: Graduate Seminar in Communications
Fall 2000

Course Description

Graduate seminar exploring advanced topics in communications. Capacity-approaching codes, network information theory, quantum communications, wireless communications, equalization and multi-user detection, advanced wire-line modems.

Each class member leads discussion for one session. For that week, he or she reviews literature on a specific topic (with faculty assistance as required), prepares and leads a recitation-like survey of the subject, and produces a written summary suitable for distribution.


Aaron Cohen, Albert Chan, Stark Draper, Shane Haas, Emre Koksal, Nick Laneman, Mike Lopez, Emin Martinian, Brett Schein, Charles Sestok, Huan Yao, Won Yoon

Prof. Dave Forney, Prof. Vahid Tarokh, Prof. Robert Gallager

A limited number of listeners who read the relevant papers for a given topic are welcome to attend sessions of interest. Contact a member of the class for more information.


Wednesdays, 3:00pm-6:00pm
RLE Conference Room, 36-428


Students from the Digital Signal Processing Group (DSPG), and the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) have developed this course with the guidance of several members of the faculty, including Prof. David Forney and Prof. Vahid Tarokh.

The original course proposal is available in PS and PDF formats.

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