Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

6.685 Electric Machines

Fall Term, 2005


Tentative Syllabus

Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:30 4:00 PM Room 36-156


Note the dates are firm but the subject material is tentative and subject to redirection according to shifting interests of the instructor and members of the class.


September  7  W Introduction, Morphology, Field Description of Forces

September 12  M Energy Conversion Principles, Forces

September 14  W Synchronous Machines: Round Rotor

September 19  M Student Holiday No Class

September 21  W Machine Size, Power Density

September 26  M Classical Synchronous Machine Theory

September 28  W Two-Reaction Theory: Salient Pole Machines

October 3        M Windings and Winding Patterns: Development of Inductance

October 5        W Induction Machine: Equivalent Circuit Based Development

October 10      M Columbus Day Holiday No Class

October 12      W Induction Machine Analysis, Torque-Speed Curves

October 17      M Squirrel-Cage Motors, Drives

October 19      W DC Machines: Faraday's Law

October 24      M Quiz 1

October 26      W Loss Mechanisms: Linear Conductor and Nonlinear Iron

October 31      M Variable Reluctance Machine Principles

November 2    W PM Synchronous Machines ("Brushless DC")

November 7    M Machine Design and Synthesis System

November 9    W Design Case: Surface PM Machine

November 14  M Two-Reaction Theory and Coordinate Transformations

November 16  W Dynamic Models of Synchronous Machines

November 21  M Simulation of Electric Machine Transients

November 23  W Interaction with Drives: PWM Inverters

November 28  M Speed Control of Induction Motors, Reactive Control of Generators

November 30  W MST Revisited: Linear Induction and Synchronous Machines

December  5    M No class Instructor Conflict

December 7     W Analysis of single phase Induction Machines (current research)

December 12   M Recap and catch up

December 14   W Last Day of Classes (Quiz 2)