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6.857 -- Network and Computer Security


Welcome to the 6.857 homepage, where you should be able to find all that you want related to the class. Information about the class is available.


The following handouts were made available during lecture. Some of these contained photocopies that can't be made available over the web. For copies of these, please swing by NE43-311 and pick up a copy from the course drawer. If it happens to be the last one, PLEASE notify the course secretary before taking it with you.

Lecture notes

The following are the lecture notes that were handed out in class:

Problem Sets and Solutions

Problem Set Solution
Problem Set 1 Solutions 1
Problem Set 2 Solutions 2
Problem Set 3 Solutions 3
Problem Set 4 Solutions 4
Problem Set 5 Solutions 5
Problem Set 6 No solution
Midterm Solutions
Problem Set 7 No solution

Other Sources of Information

  • comp.risks archive via UseNet contains the latest few issues, it can also be browsed via Discuss
  • sci.crypt archive via UseNet contains discussion of cryptography. A lot of the stuff is questions by people unfamiliar with the topic or just starting out, but there are sometimes useful postings in there too.
  • Ron Rivest's Cryptography Page has l ots of links.
  • CERT is responsible for helping disseminate information on security pro blems with computer systems.
  • Phrack is an electronic publication aimed at electronic hackers . Read and enjoy, but don't abuse.
  • alt.2600 is yet another hacker publication, which also has a splufty web page .

If you want to read and review stuff from previous years, please look at the earlier years page.
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