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Class CKYItem.KBestHack

  extended bydanbikel.parser.Item
      extended bydanbikel.parser.CKYItem
          extended bydanbikel.parser.CKYItem.MappedPrevModBaseNPAware
              extended bydanbikel.parser.CKYItem.KBestHack
All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparable, Serializable, SexpConvertible
Enclosing class:

public static class CKYItem.KBestHack
extends CKYItem.MappedPrevModBaseNPAware

A hack to approximate k-best parsing by effectively turning off dynamic programming (usability depends on reducing the beam size from its normal value). Two KBestHack chart items are only equal if they are object-equal.

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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class danbikel.parser.CKYItem
CKYItem.BaseNPAware, CKYItem.KBestHack, CKYItem.MappedPrevModBaseNPAware, CKYItem.PrevModIsStart
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class danbikel.parser.CKYItem
baseNPsCannotContainVerbs, constraint, containsVerb, containsVerbFalse, containsVerbTrue, containsVerbUndefined, end, garbage, headChild, headWord, label, leftChildren, leftPrevMods, leftSubcat, leftVerb, logPrior, logTreeProb, nonTreebankDelimiter, nonTreebankLeftBracket, nonTreebankRightBracket, numParses, numPrevMods, numPrevWords, outputLexLabels, rightChildren, rightPrevMods, rightSubcat, rightVerb, start, stop, stopWord, topSym
Fields inherited from class danbikel.parser.Item
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Object obj)
          Returns whether this object is object-equal to the specified object.
 int hashCode()
          Returns the value of System.identityHashCode(this).
Methods inherited from class danbikel.parser.CKYItem.MappedPrevModBaseNPAware
Methods inherited from class danbikel.parser.CKYItem
children, clear, containsVerb, containsVerbRecursive, edgeIndex, end, garbage, getConstraint, getLabel, hasAntecedent, hasEquivalentItem, headChild, headLabel, headWord, isPreterminal, label, leftChildren, leftPrevMods, leftSubcat, leftVerb, logPrior, logProb, logTreeProb, numLeftChildren, numParses, numRightChildren, prevMods, prevWordsEqual, prevWordsEqual, rightChildren, rightPrevMods, rightSubcat, rightVerb, set, setChildren, setConstraint, setDataFrom, setEdgeIndex, setGarbage, setLabel, setLeftSubcat, setLogPrior, setLogProb, setLogTreeProb, setPrevMods, setRightSubcat, setSideInfo, setSubcat, setVerb, shortBool, shortContainsVerb, start, stop, subcat, toSexp, toSexpInternal, toString, verb
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Constructor Detail


public CKYItem.KBestHack()
Method Detail


public int hashCode()
Returns the value of System.identityHashCode(this).

hashCode in class CKYItem.MappedPrevModBaseNPAware
the value of System.identityHashCode(this).


public boolean equals(Object obj)
Returns whether this object is object-equal to the specified object.

equals in class CKYItem.MappedPrevModBaseNPAware
obj - the object to be compared to this object
whether this object is object-equal to the specified object.

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