6.897 Cloud Computing Seminar (Spring 2011)

Instructor: Hari Balakrishnan

Time and place: Fridays 2-4 pm starting Feb 4 2011. Room 34-304.
Pre-req: 6.824, 6.829, 6.830, or equivalent; or, good performance in 6.033; or, permission of instructor.

Reading list and schedule

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Lecture notes and presentations (requires MIT certificates)

Summary and Goals

Depending on who you talk to, cloud computing is either (i) a revolutionary idea that is rapidly changing the face of computing, or (ii) an old idea whose time has come, or (iii) just hype, or (iv) evil. What is clear, however, is that cloud computing systems run at a scale never seen before, and change the economics and assumptions behind computing in important, fundamental ways. The purpose of this seminar course is to understand the key technical ideas and concepts behind cloud computing systems, covering a broad range of topics:

Readings drawn from the research literature and technical white papers.


The evaluation will be based on class participation. Participation consists of (i) presenting 1-2 papers during the term in a 30-40 minute talk, and setting up some discussion topics; (ii) for papers you present, producing a ~1-page commentary (think in terms of a short essay or blog like the review of a book); and (iii) contributing to the in-class discussions on all papers. There will be no exams.