Pre-World War II Photos

Milk Drop

Moments of Vision Intro


Golfballs being hit by clubs

Moments of Vision p.64

Lamp used in Edgerton's lab

MIT Museum

First non machinery photo taken by Edgerton of water coming out of his laboratory facet

Stopping Time, p.45

Edgerton demonstrating stroboscopy using a water peddler he built

MIT Museum

Equipment to do stroboscobic movies

MIT Museum

Rodeo rider

Moments of Vision p.72

A football kick

Moments of Vision p.76

Edgerton using his stroboscope to test machinery

A Century of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, 1882-1982 p. 149

Humming bird in flight

Flash! p.41

Study of air movements about spinning fan blades

Flash! p.130