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The authors of this paper wish to acknowledge the members of the Lincoln Laboratory, FAA, MITRE, and AOPA who provided time from their busy schedules to help us with this project: Jonathan Bernays, Neil Blake, Bob Boisvert, George Colby, Steve Bussolari, Robert Everett, Bill Harman, Paul Drouilhet, Thomas Goblick, Edmund Koenke, Warren Morningstar, Vincent Orlando, Jack Ruina, David Shnidman, Ann Tenford, Herb Weiss, Loren Wood, and Gene Wong. We are especially grateful for those who offered to be interviewed.

We also wish to thank the members of the MIT Retrospective Collection (RSC), who we relied upon to provide us all the technical reports and books related to air traffic control, Andrew Chiu and Cindy Liang for attending our presentation rehearsals, Mark Silis for providing emergency support when our CVS directory disappeared, and Professor David Mindell, Professor George Pratt, and Eden Miller for providing us with feedback and guidance for this project.

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