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My Flights and Fights Max Karant
Safe, Separated, and Soaring Richard Kent
Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control Michael Nolan
Who's Watching the Airways? The Dangerous Game of the FAA Philip Ryther
Lincoln Laboratory: Technology in National Interest Lincoln Lab researchers


  • "Mode S Data-Link Applications for General Aviation", Steve Bussolari, The Lincoln Laboratory Journal, 1994, Vol. 7, No. 2
  • Report of the Department of Transportation Air Traffic Control Advisory Committee, Vol. 1, Dec 1969

Lincoln Laboratory Reports

Title Series Author Date
Final Report Transponder Test Program ATC-9 G. V. Colby and E. A. Crocker April 12, 1972
A Comparison of Immunity to Garbling for Three Candidate Modulation Schemes for DABS ATC-12 D. A. Shnidman August 14, 1972
Final Report Empirical Assessment of ATCRBS ATC-16 A. G. Cameron and D. H. Pruslin October 31, 1973
Interrogation Scheduling Algorithms for a Discrete Address Beacon System ATC-19 A. Spridon and A.D. Kaminsky October 17, 1973
The Effects of ATCRBS P2 Pulses on DABS Reliability ATC-20 W. Harman, D. A. Shnidman January 28, 1974
Final Report on Task A: Surveillance and Communication Issues in the Transition to a Discrete Address Beacon System ATC-21 W. I. Wells and R. Kramer December 26, 1973
Final Report DABS/ATCRBS Transponder Bench Testing Program ATC-25 J. R. Samson, J. D. Welch, E. R. Becotte, E. A. Crocker, and H. D. Schofield November 18, 1973
A Summary of the DABS Transponder Design/Cost Studies ATC-27 T. J. Goblick and P. H. Robeck, August 14, 1972
Provisional Signal Formats for the Discrete Address Beacon System ATC-30 P. R. Drouilhet April 25, 1974
Report on DABS/ATCRBS Field Testing Program ATC-31 J. R. Samson and E. A Crocker February 13, 1974
The Effect of Phase Error on the DPSK Receiver Performance ATC-32 D. A. Schnidman February 4, 1974
Provisional Data Link Interface Standard for the DABS Transponder ATC-34 G. V. Colby, P. H. Robeck, and J.D. Welch April 25, 1974
DABS Uplink Encoder ATC-40 J. R. Samson March 4, 1975
DABS Link Performance Considerations ATC-41 G. J. Schlieckert April 28, 1975
DABS: A System Description ATC-42 P. R. Drouilhet November 18, 1974
DABS Channel Management ATC-43 E. J. Kelly January 8, 1975
DABS Downlink Coding ATC-48 J. T. Barrows September 12, 1975
DABS Uplink Coding ATC-49 J. T. Barrows July 25, 1975
DABS Sensor Interactions with ATC Facilities ATC-51 D. Reiner and H. F. Vandevenne April 22, 1976
DABS Modulation and Coding Design ATC-52 T. J. Goblick March 12, 1976
Discrete Address Beacon System (DABS) Test Plan for FY 1976 ATC-56 W. H. Harman, V. A. Orlando, and D. Reiner November 14, 1975
Beacon CAS (BCAS) An Intergated Air/Ground Collision Avoidance System ATC-62 V. A. Orlando and J. D. Welch March 23, 1976
The ATCRBS Mode of DABS ATC-65 J. L. Gertz January 31, 1977
Proposed Technical Characteristics for the Discrete Address Beacon System (DABS) ATC-71 J. D. Welch and P.H. Robeck September 30, 1977
DABS Monopulse Summary ATC-72 D. Karp and M.L. Wood February 4, 1977
Air Traffic Density and Distribution Measurements ATC-80 W. H. Harman May 3, 1979
Airborne Measurements of ATCRBS Fruit ATC-84 W. H. Harman October 3, 1978
Formats for DABS Data Link Applications ATC-96 J. L Leeper and R. S. Kennedy July 30, 1980
Active Beacon Collision Avoidance System (BCAS) Functional Overview ATC-102 J. D. Welch and V. A. Orlando December 17, 1980
TCAS I Design Guidelines ATC-114 V.A. Orlando, J.D. Welch, W.H. Harman, and A. R. Paradis September 24, 1982
Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS): A Functional Overview of Active TCAS ATC-118 V.A. Orlando and J.D. Welch April 8, 1983
GPS-Squitter Capacity Analysis ATC-214 V. A. Orlando and W. H. Harman May 20, 1994
GPS-Squitter Interference Analysis ATC-229 V. S. Orlando and W. H. Harman April 6, 1995
GPS-Squitter Channel Access Analysis ATC-230 V. A. Orlando February 15, 1995
Beacon Radar and TCAS Interrogation Rates: Airborne Measurements in the 1030 MHz band ATC-239 W. H. Harman and M. J. Brennan May 2, 1996
Terminal Area Separation Standards: Historical Development, Current Standards and Processes for Change ATC-258 S. D. Thompson January 16, 1997

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