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George V. Colby Jr.
Staff member (transponder testing), Air Traffic Control Group

BS and MS degrees from MIT in 1954 (Course VI-A with General Electric Co.)

1954-1955 Staff Engineer, Instrument Division, General Electric Co.
1955-1957 Lieutenant, US Army Signal Corps
1957-1970 Manager, Radar Laboratory, Electronics Division, LFE Corporation.
Development of airbore Doppler navigation radars, and
microwave landing system airborne receivers
1970-1980 Staff Member, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Performed the first full-scale characterization of FAA
ATCRBS transponders. Participated in development of specification and
architecture for the next generation. Also did design and hardware
development studies for jam-resistant radios and data links.
1980-1994 Program Director - Laser Radar, Textron Systems
Led the develoopment of long-range laser radar systems now
operational in Maui, HI. Prior to that, developed concepts and hardware
for missile borne radar systems.
1994-Retired Actively engaged in advising others on career development,
financial management, and preparation for retirement. Pursuing interests
in oil painting and writing.

Misc. 5 patents on radar systems
biographical sketches in Who's Who in Science & Technology
Who's Who in the East

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