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Quotes from Thomas Goblick about what happened after development

Specs for Mode S were delivered to the FAA in 1975. At that point, the FAA went to study it. Goblick called this the "handholding period". The team at LL was reduced in size for this support phase."

  • "The spec we wrote went to the FAA in 1975...they went to study it...went into the late 1970's...."

  • "We had documented a lot of reports...we did a lot of industry details..."

  • After 1975: "This is what we call the handholding period...the team was cut back and a couple of individuals stayed onboard [to advise the FAA] 1975, when I wrote the ATC-52 report, I transferred out of the group to work [in a different group]."

  • "A number of groups stayed...Drouilhet stayed onboard...he was in charge of the entire group...."

  • Why this way? "Normal course of maturity of the program...we worked on tests and proposals...then began to taper down.."

  • "We always had a low-level effort...which peaked to about forty-fifty people..."

  • "That's normal in an R&D place...we don't do much testing of the equipment."

  • "We act as advisers...."

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