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Says the FAA wrote the specifications, with LL's help. FAA did scheduling and tracking algorithms. LL did the message structure, format, modulation and encoding.

Quotes from interview with Edmund Koenke - 12/7/00

Edmund Koenke joined the FAA in 1973 and worked on DABS development with LL.

  • "I worked with Neal Blake on preparing the initial specification...while I was in the FAA."

  • "[LL] designed the message structure, format, modulation, the actual 24-bit polynomial for error correction."

  • "We did the scheduling, tracking algorithms."

  • "We did the specification in terms of capacity, whether schedulng algorithms...the Los Angeles basin 1995 model...we used that model to get the scheduling algorithms to send messages."

  • "We had the acquisition, we had the actual Mode S surveillance, send up IPC messages."

  • "The major reason for the data link was IPC."

  • "What [DABS] was intended to do was drive the IPC display...TCAS now does that."

  • The Story of Mode S: An Air Traffic Control Data Link Technology last modified: 12.06.2000