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Interview with Jack Ruina - 12/8/00

Originally asked to be head of ATCAC. Recommended Ben Alexander, the eventual chairman, instead. Ben Alexander has passed away. Larry Goldmuntz of the DOT formed the committe.

  • Larry Goldmuntz was one of the first people in the DOT that had a technical background, which was very rare." His background was that he had been part of a company which was doing some work in lasers. "His idea was that there had to have a blue ribbon commission reporting to the [secretary of transportation?? type too slowly, not sure what he said] directly reporting on air traffic control [missed something here] from a technical point of view

  • Ruina then suggested the person who should be chairman - Ben Alexander - who was an outstanding technical person, really one of the great people in his mind. Ben also happened to be a private pilot which "maybe was bad in the sense that he had a strong vested interest". Goldmuntz didn't know Ben, but it turned out that he did become the chairman and he turned out to be an excellent chairman, a "marvelous choice".

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