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Quotes from interview with Herb Weiss - 12/5/00

Summary: Approached the FAA on his own. Lincoln became the technical arm for the FAA. Impartial third party evaluator for FAA.

  • "Commercial transport was bad...immediately jumping up and down...[primitive] like the voting machines today..."

  • "We first got our support from the Air a little support from the FAA and talked them into a proposal"

  • "Finally came down...put a budget...took a year to gravitate...first contract to build a better system.."

  • "Lincoln became the technical arm for the FAA."

  • "We got a contract from the FAA...we setup a study a proposal piece to look at ATCRBS."

    "Among the people who was volunteered was Paul Drouilhet, who became my assistant...Paul was handed the job and this became his baby...he was working on communication systems...pulled people from different parts of the lab..."

  • "I was in Radiation Lab (1941)...a grad student working on radars...working on a precision bombing system..."

  • "We had to define the path..."

  • The Story of Mode S: An Air Traffic Control Data Link Technology last modified: 12.06.2000