Guide for reading MacKenzie:

1. How does MacKenzie view the interaction of social and technological factors in the development of inertial guidance?

2. How does MacKenzie use the term "Black box"?

3. What does MacKenzie mean by "heterogeneous engineering"? In what ways is Doc Draper a heterogeneous engineer?

4. How did the problem of the vertical progress from a physical impossibility to a "technical difficulty"?

5. Was there a "need" for accurate navigation?

6. What does MacKenzie mean by technological trajectory?

7. How is the accuracy of the missile known? In what ways is testing not strictly a technical issue?

8. According to MacKenzie, why are technology and politics often relegated to separate spheres?


  • Terminology
  • Black box

    Technological trajectory

    Heterogeneous Engineering

    Gyro Culture

    Problem of the Vertical

    Certainty Trough

    Technological determinism