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7.17, Project Lab, Molecular Biology







Spring 2007

The materials for this course for Spring 2007 will be available at this Stellar site.



Prof. Mary-Lou Pardue
Prof. Frank Gertler

Course Schedule:
Lecture: M-F 1 p.m., 68-121
Lab: M-F



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Course Description

Academic Year 2006-07; Spring 2007


Cell and molecular biology lab that uses recombinant DNA methods and optical microcopy to study cellular mechanisms in eukaryotic cells.

Projects focus on mechanisms of intracellular protein translocation and cytoskeletal rearrangement. Students explore the recombinant fluorescent proteins using imaging techniques and describe the effects of the expressed protein on cell motility, the cell cycle, or the organization and function of cytoplasmic organelles and the cyoskeleton.

Instruction and practice in written and oral communication provided.