The Protein Folding Problem: Links
Fall 2004

Here are some useful links for your searching pleasure:

The Protein Data Bank

& Other Mirrors are linked here

PDB search tutorial


Publicly Accessible Publication on PDB Growth:
"Protein Structures: From Famine to Feast," Berman et al. American Scientist, 90: 350-359, July-Aug 2002.

Swiss PDB Viewer (Deepview): http://www.expasy.org/spdbv

Download: http://us.expasy.org/spdbv/text/disclaim.htm

Tutorial: http://us.expasy.org/spdbv/text/tutorial.htm

Using SPDBV on Athena:
On Athena computer, type in a prompt terminal:  
athena% add deepview
athena% spdbv &

UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Release 50.6 statistics

Other Free Visualization Programs (free for academic use):

RasMol: http://www.bernstein-plus-sons.com/software/rasmol/
PyMol: http://pymol.sourceforge.net/
Chimera: http://www.cgl.ucsf.edu/chimera/
Cn3D: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Structure/CN3D/cn3d.shtml  
iMol: http://www.pirx.com/iMol/
JMV: http://www.frontiernet.net/~imaging/molecular_modeling.html
Molview: http://www.danforthcenter.org/smith/MolView/molview.html
VMD: http://www.ks.uiuc.edu/Research/vmd/
MolMol: http://hugin.ethz.ch/wuthrich/software/molmol/index.html

Jonathan King Lab Homepage

Protein Folding Groups List

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