8.01L - Physics IFall 2015

Course Administrator: Prof. Alan Guth
Recitation Instructors: Prof. Richard Milner, Prof. Min Chen, Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
Lab Instructor: TBA
TA: Lina Necib


Announcements will be posted on Stellar throughout the semester.


Class Schedule

Physics 1 R01 TR 9:00 Milner Room 32-082  
Lecture MWF 11:00 am Room 6-120 R02 TR 10:00 Milner Room 32-082  
R03 TR 11:00 Chen Room 32-082  
R04 TR 12:00 Chen Room 32-082
R05 TR 1:00 Jarillo-Herrero Room 32-082
  R06 TR 2:00 Jarillo-Herrero Room 32-082


8.01L - What is it? Who should take it?

  • It is designed for students with less physics and/or calculus experience. For math fluency, the Math Diagnostic can serve as one guide. If you feel your previous physics course was weak or if it used little or no calculus, 8.01L may be the subject for you.
  • The depth and sophistication of material will be the same as 8.01. You will not miss any of the 8.01 material, and because of the extra time, will very likely understand it better. Since 8.01L and 8.01 are considered equivalent, this course will be recorded on your transcript as &;8.01”.
  • 8.01L will continue into IAP and have its final exam in late January. We will cover the same material as 8.01, but because 8.01L is several weeks longer, the pace of the presentation of new physics material will be more relaxed. The extended time period should also reduce the end-of-term pressure, particularly during the final exam period. Previous year’s students had no trouble taking other IAP subjects in addition to 8.01L.

    Because the two courses are considered equivalent, students transferring from 8.01 to 8.01L later in the term will have their grades from 8.01 included in their 8.01L grade. Students who feel that 8.01L might be appropriate for them are strongly advised against starting in 8.01 and switching later in the term.