MIT Physics 8.02T - Electricity & Magnetism




Students are responsible for preparing in advance for each class by reading the assigned sections in the textbook/course notes. You can find the reading assignment for each class on the current webpage (daily class webpage) or the full semester schedule at 8.01 Schedule and Reading Assignments.

Written Homework

Almost every weekthere will be one longer homework handed in on paper, usually due on Tuesday at 9 pm in the boxes outside 26-152. To receive full credit for your homework, you must prepare and submit lucid and clearly reasoned written solutions. A selection of these problems will be graded and returned. Late assignments receive no credit.

Experiments, Concept Questions and In-Class Table Problems

In almost all classes, individuals and groups (see below) will submit answers to questions about desktop experiments done in class, material covered in the lecture in that class, and so on. You must be present in class to receive credit for assignments submitted either by you or by your group.

Group Work

You will be assigned to a group of three for collaborative work. Your group assignment will be announced at the beginning of the second week. If you are not satisfied with the way your group is working, first try to discuss it with your group members. If you cannot arrive at a satisfactory solution, then discuss the problems with your instructor.

Honesty On Course Work

You are welcome and encouraged to work on the homework problems with your fellow students. However, the work you submit should be your own and reflect your own understanding of the subject. If you hand in work that is copied from other students you will miss out on the educational opportunity provided by that assignment and hence you will receive a zero grade for that assignemnt.