MIT Physics 8.02T - Electricity & Magnetism

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Want some extra help with problem sets?

Now Available: Podcast Help Sessions with Prof. Walter Lewin

As an experiment Prof. Lewin will be recording approximately one hour long podcasts for every other problem set. They will be posted on our website when the problem set is released, every other Wednesday.

Problem Set 2: Potentials and Fields

Problem Set 4: Capacitance & Sample Exam

Problem Set 6: B Fields

Problem Set 8: Faraday's Law & Sample Exam

Problem Set 10: RC & RL Circuits

Problem Set 12: Last Problem Set!



Please let us know what you think (either anonymously or not) about these help sessions. We are evaluating them as a learning tool and would like to hear your comments (positive or negative) and suggestions. A feedback form will be posted shortly. In the meantime, please email your comments directly to Prof. Walter Lewin