MIT Physics 8.02T - Electricity & Magnetism

Course Information: Text Book

8.02 Course Notes and Optional Textbook

The text is the "8.02 Course Notes, Introduction To Electricity and Magnetism, by Dourmashkin, Belcher, and Liao" which will be avalable online. We recommend that you buy a paper copy but that is not required. The paper copy will be available directly from the publisher. We will post a link as soon as it is available. The material online is the same as the material in the paper copy.

If you want additional insight or a different perspective from the course notes, any of the standard introductory textbooks on electromagnetism will do. These texts are expensive, so we advise you to make sure that you are comfortable reading them before you go ahead and purchase them. The idea of purchasing any supplemental text is to get a different perspective on things that is written in a style accessible to you, so shop around a little before making your decision. Any edition of any of these texts will do. It should be straightforward for you to figure out which sections in your text are relevant. If you are concerned whether the text you have is suitable, please feel free to email John Belcher (jbelcher@mit.edu) or Peter Dourmaskin (padour@mit.edu).