Using LaTeX on the Macintosh and in Keynote

Latexit for Macintosh)

TeXPoint: Using LaTeX to typeset equations in Powerpoint

TeXPoint is a package that allows you to typeset LaTeX equations in Microsoft PowerPoint. In order to use TeXPoint on your computer, you will need several software packages. This page contains brief instructions on how to install TeXPoint on your PC. For detailed instructions and further information, please consult the TeXPoint homepage at Berkeley.

Required Software

Below find each software package that you will need. You can download these directly from the Junior Lab Webpage, but newer versions are released frequently so we have also provided links to support pages for each software package.

You will need:

  1. TeXPoint 2.0.3 for Office 2003 (local) (TeXPoint Homepage)
  2. MikTex Setup Wizard 2.4.1533 (MikTex is a Windows implementation of LaTeX) (local) (MikTeX Homepage)
  3. Ghostscript 8.14 (local) (Ghostscript Homepage)

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  1. Install TeXPoint. Uninstall any previous versions. Make sure you have the appropriate TeXPoint package for your version of Office -- the one above is for Office 2003.
  2. Run the MikTeX Setup Wizard. You will need to run the Setup Wizard twice: once to download MikTeX and once to install it.

  3. Install Ghostscript.
  4. Test your setup by running "..\tex2bmp test -v" from within the TexPoint\test directory at the Command Prompt. If this executes properly, it will run both LaTeX and Ghostscript and it should leave the file "test.bmp" in the test directory.

Using TeXPoint