Cellular Neurophysiology - Course 9.16/9.161
Spring 2002
Professor Guosong Liu

Room E18-218a; Tel: 617-258-9737; E-mail: liu@mit.edu



Presentation Assignments:

Wed 2/27
Hodgkin & Huxley (1952). "A quantitative description of membrane current and its application to conduction and excitation in nerve." J. Physiol. 116:500-544.
Cansu Tunca

Wed 3/6
Fox, Nowycky, and Tsien (1987). "Kinetic and pharmacological properties distinguishing three types of calcium currents in chick sensory neurones." J. Physiol. 394:149-172.
Eric Jonas
Fox, Nowycky, and Tsien (1987). "Single-channel recordings of three types of calcium channels in chick sensory neurones." J. Physiol. 394:173-200.
Hillary Rolls

Wed 3/13
Castillo & Katz (1954). "Quantal components of end-plate potential." J. Physiol. 124:560-573.
Hector Penagos

Wed 3/20
Katz & Miledi (1967). "The timing of calcium action during neuromuscular transmission." J. Physiol. 189:535-544.
Wei-Chung Lee
Dodge & Rahamimoff (1967). "Co-operative action of calcium ions in transmitter release at the neuromuscular junction." J. Physiol. 193:419-432.
Brad Leckron

Wed 4/3
Heuser et al (1979). "Synaptic vesicle exocytosis captured by quick freezing and correlated with quantal transmitter release." J. Cell. Biol. 81:275-300.
Kishor Kuchibhotla

Wed 4/17
Mayer & Westbrook (1985). "The action of N-methyl-d-aspartic acid on mouse spinal neurons in culture." J. Physiol. 361:65-90.
Mark Histed
Bliss & Lomo (1973). "Long-lasting potentiation of synaptic transmission in the dentate area of the anaesthetized rabbit following stimulation of the perforant path." J. Physiol. (London) 232:331-356.
Corey Harwell

Wed 4/24
Liao et. al. (1995) "Activation of postsynaptically silent synapses during pairing-induced LTP in CA1 region of hippocampal slice." Nature 375: 400-404.
Payal Kohli
Renger, J.J., C. Egles, et al. (2001). "A developmental switch in neurotransmitter flux enhances synaptic efficacy by affecting AMPA receptor activation." Neuron 29(2):469-84.
Emily Hueske

Wed 5/1
Shi, S.H., Y. Hayashi, et al. (1999). "Rapid spine delivery and redistribution of AMPA receptors after synaptic NMDA receptor activation." Science 284(5421):1811-6.
Julie Goldberg
Malenka et al. (1988). "Postsynaptic calcium is sufficient for potentiation of hippocampal synaptic transmission." Science 242: 81-84.
Theresa Feledy

Wed 5/8
Markram, H., J. Lubke, et al. (1997). "Regulation of synaptic efficacy by coincidence of postsynaptic APs and EPSPs." Science 275(5297):213-5.
Joseph Feingold
Bi, G.Q. and M.M. Poo (1998). "Synaptic modifications in cultured hippocampal neurons: dependence on spike timing, synaptic strength, and postsynaptic cell type." J Neurosci. 18(24):10464-72.
Daniel Herman

Wed 5/15
Zhang, L.I., H.W. Tao, et al. (2000). "Visual input induces long-term potentiation of developing retinotectal synapses." Nat Neurosci. 3(7):708-15.
Keith Darrow

Journal article TBA
Danielle Guez