FB02 - Change Document

You can use this transaction to change an FI invoice, for example the customer line item text. You need to identify the FI invoice by document number (range is 90000000 - 999999999).

  1. Get started (SAP menu path, fast path)
  2. Change document: initial screen
  3. FI Invoice: document overview
  4. View related documents

1. Get Started

2. Change document: initial screen

  1. Document Number (range is 90000000 - 99999999)

  2. Click on or press Enter

    If you enter a valid document number, the FI invoice displays as shown below.

3. FI Invoice: document overview

To change the customer line item text,

  1. Double click on line item 1 (the customer line item) to display the Change Document: Line Item 001 screen, as shown below.

  2. Type line item text in Text field, as needed, for example "replaces bill 9xxxxxxx".
  3. Click on Save
    A message displays "Change not adjusted in Funds Management document".
  4. or Enter to override.

4. View related documents

To view additional documents associated with this FI invoice,

  1. From FI invoice, select Environment -> Original document to display the SD billing document, shown below.

  1. From SD billing document, select Environment -> Display Document Flow to list originating documents, as shown below.

  1. To view one of the documents listed, select its line and click on the Display Document button.


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