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Prospective Students

Whether you're a curious high school senior, an incoming freshman, a sophomore looking to explore chemical engineering, a transfer student attracted to our undergraduate program, or an incoming graduate student, your venture into ChemE will truly be an adventure. This page is designed to direct you to the material most relevant to your informational needs.

High School Seniors/ Transfer Students

Undeclared MIT Undergraduates

Prospective Graduate Students

Meet our Students

LaShanda J. Korley, PhD ’05

Mariah Hoover, ’08, MSCEP ’12
Joe Moxley, Ph.D. '07
Patrick de Man, PhDCEP ‘06
Mark Kalinich, ChemE ’13
Miles C. Barr, MSCEP '08, Ph.D. ’12
Janice Mathew, SB '10

Dhananjaya Dendukuri, PhD '07

Kevin Solomon MSCEP '08/PhD '11
Minglin Ma Ph.D. '08

Joe Roy-Mayhew '08
Chris Loose Ph.D. '07

Anita Shukla Ph.D. candidate '11

Nicholas A. Pearce, SB ’07
Bobby Satcher, SB ’86, PhD ’93

LaShanda J. Korley, PhD 05

LaShanda J. Korley,
PhD 05

LaShanda is Assistant Professor of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University

For LaShanda the choice to study chemical engineering came not as an epiphany, but through a process of elimination. “I was interested in how molecules work and I was good at math, chemistry and physics, so if you put it all together, it says ChemE,” she says. “But the reality is that I went to summer camp and knew I didn’t want to do electrical or mechanical engineering.” The remainder, chemical engineering, turned out to be a perfect fit.Full Story >>

MIT ChemE Facts

  1. In 2013, for the 24th consecutive year, US News & World Report gave its top rankings to both our graduate and undergraduate programs among the nation's chemical engineering departments.

  2. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, our sponsored research expenditures were over $53 million.

  3. More than 10% of our alumni are senior executives of industrial companies.

  4. More than 10% of the nation's teachers of chemical engineering earned one or more degrees from MIT

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