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Week of February 15, 2016
Student Office
Events and Seminars
Thesis Defense
Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
UROP Opportunities
Special Programs, and Other Announcements
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The following announcements are as of February 12.

What is cooking in ChemE?

What is cooking in ChemE?
Dept. Exploration Event Photos (1/26/16)

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Student Office
  Valentines Craft Night - (2/13) Photos  
  What is Cooking in ChemE? Department Exploration Event (1/26) Photos  

Events and Seminars
February 16: Info session: Energy Studies Minor. [Details]
February 19: ChemE Seminar Series: 3:00 p.m. in 66-110
  - "Direct observation of the formation, structures, and dynamics of individual nanocrystals" Jongwon Park, Harvard University
February 20: 2016 MIT Tech Conference. [Details]
February 22: Student Seminar, 3:00 p.m. in 66-110
- Brooke Tam, "Engineering a Protein for DNA Methylation Detection"
- Troy Langford, "Design and Application of a FRET-based Probe for Hydrogen Peroxide-induced Peroxiredoxin-2 Oxidation "
February 24: Da Vinci Lecture, Dr. Jeffrey Michael Karp. [Details]
February 24-26: Enzymes in Drug Discovery Summit 2016. [Details]
February 26: Social Event for ChemE Postodcs. [Details]
March 1, 8: SuperUrop info session. [Details]
March 2: Ph.D and Master's Virtual Career Fair. [Details]
March 3: IMES Distinguished Speaker Series: Nicholas Peppas, Sc.D. [Details]
March 10: "Negotiation for Undergraduates" workshop, MITEI’s Undergraduate Energy Seminar Series. [Details]
March 11: MIT Water Night. [Details]
April 17: Application due for ExxonMobil Fellowship for Hispanic Students in Chemical Engineering. [Details]
April 19: GSC/MIT2016 Together in Service Event “Serve-a-thon”. [Details]
April 23: MIT Open House. [Details]
MIT Global Education - Upcoming Events! [Details]
See ChemE calendar for more listing of events and seminars >>

Thesis Defense

Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
February 20: Application due for Summer REU, Northwestern University. [Details]
February 25: Application due for SUTD-MIT Graduate Fellowship Opportunity for MIT Graduate Students. [Details]
February 28: Application due for Penn State REU at the Interface of Biology & Materials. [Details]
February 29: Application due for the Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability program. [Details]
March 3: Application due, Shell Scholarship for undergraduates. [Details]
March 4: Astronaut Scholarship Opportunity. [Details]
March 7: Application due for Postdoctoral Fellowship in Data Science. [Details]
March 14: MIT Graduate Fellowship Opportunity - CIS Summer Study Grant. [Details]
April 1: Application due for 2nd Annual Broshy Fellowship. [Details]
Department of Homeland Security: Summer Research Opportunities. [Details]
Graduating PhD & Postdocs seeking academic positions: See SoE's resources. [Details]
Chevron: 2016 Summer Internship opportunities. [Details]
E Ink: Two Internship opportunities. [Details]
ExxonMobil: 2016 Summer Internship opportunities. [Details]
In Genius Prep: Looking for academic mentors for Online International Internship Program. [Details]
OSISoft: Job opportunities for 2016 graduating students. [Details]
Johnson Matthey: Graduate Rotational Programme - Apply now! [Details]
Sandia National Laboratories: 2016 CCR Summer Intern Program. [Details]
SQZ Biotech: Internship and full time jobs. [Details]
Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Undergrad summer internships. [Details]
>>More postings for UROPs, full-time jobs, post-doctoral research, and other fellowship opportunities >>

Special Programs and Other Announcements
Have a good idea? Dig into Sandbox for seed money, mentorship, and community. [Details]
February 19: Application due for Dow Travel Award. [Details]
March 1: Abstract Submission due for MIT Water Night (March 11) [Details]
March 21: Application due a month lab course in Denmark, July 2016.  [Details]
March 28: Proposal due for funding - Environmental Solutions Initiative. [Details]
April 7: Registration deadline for Duke/UNC National Case Competition. [Details]
The Green Program: Apply for spring break sessions on renewable energy, climate action, sustainability. [Details]
MIT’s iGrad financial literacy portal: Financial resources and tools. [Details]
MIT Veteran Students: check out campus resources for veterans. [Details]
REFS (Resources for Easing Friction and Stress): Feeling stressed? We are here to help.
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