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Wondrous materials found in nature, and now synthesized in enormous quantity and variety, polymers find an ever-increasing use in manufactured products. Polymers are versatile because their properties are so wide-ranging, as is evident even in the conceptually simple polymers made from a single molecular species. The versatility becomes more profound in the copolymers made from multiple precursors, and the polymers compounded with filler materials. Research in polymers encompasses the chemical reactions of their formation, methods of processing them into products, means of modifying their physical properties, and the relationship between the properties and the underlying molecular and solid phase structure.

In the Department, you will find expertise in polymer kinetics, rheology, processing, compounding, specialized applications, biodegradable polymers, self-assembly and patterning, and many other areas of polymer engineering. View the pages of individual faculty members to learn about recent and ongoing research.

Robert C. Armstrong Professor 617.253.4581
polymer molecular theory, polymer fluid mechanics, rheology, multiscale process modeling, transport phenomena, applied mathematics
Kenneth Beers Visiting Assistant Professor 617.258.8986
polymerization kinetics, molecular simulation, structure-property relations
Robert E. Cohen Professor 617.253.3777
physics and chemistry of polymers, polymer surfaces/interfaces, structure-property relationships
Patrick S. Doyle Associate Professor 617.253.4534
biophysics, microfluidics separations, microrheology, polymer physics, transport phenomena
Karen K. Gleason Professor 617.253.5066
chemical vapor deposition, nuclear magnetic resonance
Paula T. Hammond Associate Professor 617.258.7577
macromolecular design and synthesis, directed assembly using surface templates, block copolymers, asymmetric morphologies, liquid crystalline polymeric materials, nanoscale assembly and fabrication
Gregory Rutledge Professor 617.253.0171
polymer science and engineering, statistical thermodynamics, molecular simulation