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Critical Policy Studies of China

Critical Policy Studies of China is an international research project based at MIT. This international network of researchers include the Asia Program of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, Sociology Department at Tsinghua University (Beijing), the Center for Contemporary Chinese Cultural Studies at Shanghai University, the Institute for International Studies at UTS (Sydney), and governmental agencies such as the Research Development Center at the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

This project has a two-fold mission. Through annual international workshops and structured discussions developed at each local base, we hope to build a knowledge interface between Cultural Studies scholars and those disciplines in the Social Sciences and the professional schools that are interested in innovative policy research. It is also our goal to bring "thinkers" and "doers" together by building a knowledge interface between an international body of China scholars and policy makers and analysts from the PRC. Through structured discussions about policy choices in chosen sectors, we hope to influence the perception of both the thinkers and doers on issues such as governance, China's role in regional Asian development policies, and China's interactions with and contributions to international policy regimes, and eventually, to develop an independent, multi-disciplinary, and critical policy research center that seeks sustained dialogues with policy makers in China.


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