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Iraq: State Formation amid Violence
April 27, 2005

Democratic theorists have warned against imposing democracy in divided countries, and some also caution against establishing armies. Weak democracies, where the legitimacy of governing institutions is contested, are more prone to civil wars. Majoritarian rule could also result in illiberal governance, a troubling paradox. Iraq seems to have every conceivable obstacle in its path, not least mounting violence, which itself can shape the nature and norms of a new regime.



Eric Davis,
Rutgers University

Joost Hilterman,
International Crisis Group, Amman

Isam al Khafaji,
University of Amsterdam

Chappell Lawson,
CIS and MIT Department of Political Science

Robert Looney,
Naval Postgraduate School

Abdulkader Sinno,
Indiana University

Brendan O'Leary,
University of Pennsylvania

Ahmed Hashim,
Naval War College





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