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Transnational Violence

April 20-21, 2006

Political violence beleaguers many parts of the world, but none more than the Persian Gulf. Hypotheses about terrorists abound in public discourse, but empirical studies challenge many common assumptions. This is true for the motivations for “jihad,” recruitment, state responses, and how and why violent organizations are transnational.

The workshop report (“Transnational Violence in the Persian Gulf”) discusses these issues, among others.


Scott Atran
National Center for Scientific Research, Paris

Mohammed Hafez
University of Missouri, Kansas City

Ahmed S. Hashim
Naval War College, Newport RI

Quinn Meacham
Middlebury College, Vermont

David Siddhartha Patel
Stanford University

Rueven Paz
Director, Project for the Research
of Islamist Movements (PRISM), Israel

Roger Petersen
Associate Professor of Political Science, MIT

John Tirman
Executive Director
Principal Research Scientist
Center for International Studies

Nichole Argo
Ph.D. Candidate, MIT




Massachusetts Institute of Technology